Insurance Information

At our office we make every effort to keep dental care affordable while maintaining the highest level of quality care for you, the Patient.  We accept most insurances, however if you have specific questions about your dental health coverage, please contact us directly to discuss your coverage.

Dental insurance is meant to offset the cost of dental care. Dental insurance does not pay the entire cost of needed care in the great majority of cases. Whenever possible we try to coordinate your treatment with the benefits allowed by your dental benefits provider to provide the most efficient and maximum use of your benefits. The amount that your plan pays is determined by how much your employer pays for the plan. The less paid for the plan the less coverage you will receive.

Usual and Customary Fees

Insurance companies will sometimes tell their policyholders that a dentist’s fees are “above the usual and customary (UCR)”. UCR is determined generally by taking the average of a fee in a certain area or zip code and then taking a percentage (80% generally) of that fee. So, if an average fee of $100 is charged by the dentist’s in a certain area then the UCR would be $80. And, oddly enough that fee would not be the standard UCR fee used by the insurance company. They change the fee according to the specific plan purchased by your employer. The fee charged by your dentist should be more accurately portrayed as the fee that is beyond the level of the allowed benefit. Many routine dental services are not covered at all by dental insurance. The insurance company is interested in one thing- collecting premiums while minimizing the payment of benefits. The responsibility for diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental health problems is better served to be the responsibility of you and your dental care provider.

Your Treatment: Our Priority

As your dental health care provider, it is our responsibility to provide diagnosis and treatment. That is our first priority. Your diagnosis and treatment will be provided according to your needs, not according to the policy of an insurance company.

Our commitment is to serve you, the patient.  If you have questions regarding the details of your insurance plan feel free to contact our office.

The Dental Team of Dr. Leland Wilhoite