Fluoride Varnish

By: staff, On: October 12, 2011,
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At your next dental cleaning your hygienist may recommend applying Fluoride Varnish to your teeth at the end of the appointment. What is Fluoride Varnish and why are they recommending it for you?

Fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated Fluoride applied by a Dentist, Hygienist, or Assistant. It has been widely used in Europe and Canada for many years and is now replacing Fluoride gel in American dental offices. Varnish is being used in dental offices for tooth sensitivity and studies now support that it also prevents cavities and remineralizes (strengthens) the tooth surfaces.

Fluoride varnish is recommended for both children and adults. It is used for cavity prevention and desensitizing and has been used for many years on children.  Research is supporting that for adults it should be used for the same reasons, but also for enamel demineralization (strengthening), preventing cavities around fillings, crowns and bridges, dry mouth, and recession areas.

Application is very easy! A small amount of air may be used to dry the tooth surface. A little brush is used to apply the tooth colored varnish to the teeth and at the gumline. The varnish begins to set on contact with the teeth. It is safe for all ages. Fluoride varnish will last at least 4 hours after application. Patients are instructed to not brush for a certain amount of time after application and avoid hot and/or sticky foods.

We are always striving to provide excellent dental treatment for our patients and Fluoride Varnish is one more step towards healthy mouths for everyone!

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