Dental Clearance for Bisphosphonate Drugs Evaluation

  Dental Clearance for Bisphosphonate Drugs Evaluation



Dentist Name________________________________                     Office Phone#_______________________

Patient Name________________________________                    Date of Exam_________________________


  1. Dental Condition?              GOOD              POOR


  1. Are teeth and gums free of infection? YES                    NO


If no, what is the treatment plan? ____________________________________________




  1. Any major restorative treatment needed? YES                  NO


If yes, what? And when?____________________________________________________






  1. Other Comments_________________________________________________________




General principles for patients on Bisphosphonate drugs:

  • Prefer that dental problems be taken care of prior to being placed on bisphosphonate drugs.
  • Emergency and infections should be treated as soon as possible, extractions that will require a lot of manipulation may be referred to oral surgeon.